You and your dog, a strong team with Doggyssnapper

A dog waste gripper conquers the dog world

Michael Toffert

Michael Toffert with dog Maggi

The dog waste gripper Doggyssnapper was invented and developed by Michael Toffert.
As a dog owner, he has always known the joys and duties that dogs bring with them, including the care of the dog (feeding, medical care, care) and the coexistence of humans and animals (attention, play, go for a walk / run).
But it is the duty of the dog owner to pick up the dog pile and dispose. This is done by picking up with a dog waste bag.
That is not pleasant.

A solution was needed:
Hence the idea to develop a finger-protecting gripping aid that should be small, handy and comfortable for the hand,the gripper had to be ergonomically modeled or adapted to the human hand.

The result of this consideration was the gripper for the dog waste with the matching name „DOGGYSSNAPPER“.